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Juan Camilo Cárdenas
IPES experimental 6 ciuda

Calónico, Sebastián, Natalia Candelo, Juan-Camilo Cárdenas, Alberto Chong, Hugo Ñopo, and Sandra Polanía. “To What Extent Do Latin Americans Trust and Cooperate? Field Experments on Social Exclusion in Six Latin American Countries”. Chapter 7 in “Outsiders? The Changing Patterns of Exclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean”. IADB and DRCLAS Harvard.The results of a set of highly controlled social experiments in six Latin American capital cities suggest that Latin Americans do trust and cooperate, but that exclusion, by increasing social distance and heterogeneity, reduces incentives to cooperate. Welfare losses of between 22 and 72 percent relative to what could have been obtained under full cooperation were observed in the experimental setting. Though these values should not be interpreted as actual GDP losses, they are indicative of the important economic consequences of social exclusion