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  • Documento CEDE 2020-46

    The Fiscal Cost of Conflict: Evidence from La Violencia in Colombia

    Ricciulli Marín, Diana Carolina

  • Public Development Banks and Credit Market Imperfections

    Marcela Eslava & Xavier Freixas.

  • Environmental impacts and policy responses to Covid-19: A view from Latin America

    Alejandro López-Feldman, Carlos Chávez, María Alejandra Vélez, Hernán Bejarano, Ariaster B. Chimeli, José Féres, Juan Robalino, Rodrigo Salcedo, and César...

  • The Poor and the Rich: Preferences over Inflation and Unemployment

    Marc Hofstetter & José Nicolás Rosas.

  • Sporting Events, Emotional Cues, And Crime: Spatial And Temporal Evidence From Brazilian Soccer Games

    Ignacio Sarmiento, Qi Ge & Rodrigo Schneider.
    20 September 2020

  • Reconciling yield gains in agronomic trials with returns under African smallholder conditions

    Rachid Laajaj, Karen Macours, Cargele Masso, Moses Thuita & Bernard Vanlauwe.
    31 August 2020

  • School reorganization reforms: the case of multi-site schools in Colombia

    Fabio Sánchez, Gregory M. Elacqua & Humberto A. Santos
    School Effectiveness and School Improvement, 29 Jul 2020.

  • Is collective titling enough to protect forests? Evidence from Afro-descendant communities in the Colombian Pacific region

    María Alejandra Vélez, Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Juan Robalino, Andrea Paz, Eduardo Pacay.
    Volume 128, April 2020

  • Soccer, World War II and coronavirus: a comparative analysis of how the sport shut down

    Jorge Tovar.
    14 Apr 2020

  • Do more eyes on the street reduce Crime? Evidence from Chicago’s safe passage program

    Ignacio Sarmiento, Ruchi Singh & Daniel McMillen.
    Volume 110, March 2019  

  • A more dynamic understanding of human behaviour for the Anthropocene

    Caroline Schill, John M. Anderies, Therese Lindahl, Carl Folke, Stephen Polasky, Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Anne-Sophie Crépin, Marco A. Janssen, Jon Norberg &...

  • Origen de la resistencia comunitaria a los cultivos de uso ilícito

    María Alejandra Vélez, Ivan Darío Lobo Romero & Álvaro Arroyo.
    Vol. 22, Nº. 2, 2020