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Research Position in Environmental and Resource Economics

Title: Postdoctoral Position
Section: International: (Temporary)
Location: Bogotá, COLOMBIA
Academic Institution: Universidad de los Andes
JEL Classification: Q22 (fishery, aquaculture)
Opening date: April 20, 2018
Closing date: May 31, 2018
First day of employment: August 1, 2018

One Postdoctoral Position at the Department of Economics, Universidad de los Andes:

Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, invites applications for a 29-month postdoctoral (full-time) position at the Department of Economics. The Department has around 40 Professors. In the field of environmental and resource economics our researchers belong to the Research Group on Environmental, Natural Resource, and Applied Economic Studies (REES), which is part of CEDE (Center for Economic Development Studies). REES has several core strengths including behavioral, development and environmental economics, where researchers work on cooperative behavior, valuation of non-market goods, climate, natural resource management, air pollution, ecosystem services, fisheries and marine protected areas.

The Department, through REES, is connected to the global research network The Environment for Development (EfD) Initiative. EfD is a capacity building program in environmental economics focusing on research, policy interaction, and academic programs. Find more information about the Department of Economics at https://economia.uniandes.edu.co/ and information about EfD via: www.efdinitiative.org

Job Assignment

The position involves research primarily. It focuses on marine issues and it is linked to the EfD collaborative research program Sustainable Management of Marine Resources.

The program has two themes: Effective Management of Fisheries and Combatting Marine Pollution. Research under the first theme will be concerned primarily with fisheries management in the context of developing countries, which is characterized by a weaker institutional capacity and informality, where is needed a stronger focus on fairness and distributional aspects as compared to developed countries. Research under the second theme will analyze marine litter and debris.

This specific call is aimed at the first theme, with special attention to the management of fisheries in marine protected areas and community-based management. Our focus is primarily economics, but multidisciplinary approaches are certainly well motivated within this program (e.g., bioeconomic modeling). We are also interested in research addressing the behavioral aspects of fisheries management, such as the evaluation of current incentive schemes and the design of new incentive mechanisms. We particularly welcome research embedded in a global or regional context with a clear link to developing countries. The work can be theoretical or empirical. We expect candidates to publish the results of their research in high-impact peer-reviewed journals.

Opportunities for collaboration with other scholars within the University exist and it is encouraged. There will be funds available for travel and shorter visits to other universities, as well as support for carrying out data collection.

The Program is carried out in a collaborative effort together with researchers at 10 other EfD centers around the world. The candidate is expected to contribute to the research, and to take active part in the general work of the Program, e.g., by participating in joint meetings, seminars and conferences, supporting data collection and conducting cross-country studies.


Applicants should hold a recent PhD in economics (2015 onwards), or be close to finish their thesis. Research expertise in environmental and resource economics and/or behavioral economics is desirable. Experience in marine issues as well as multi-disciplinary research is preferred as well. We encourage researchers from Latin American countries, as well as Colombian researchers who have earned their Ph.D. overseas, to apply to the position.

Potential for high-impact and policy-relevant research will be our key selection criterion, with a particular emphasis on the degree of progression and forward-looking aspects of the research program. Short-listed candidates will be interviewed via skype. The applicant who, in the overall assessment of skills and potential, is deemed to be best suited to fulfill the position requirements will be selected for the post.

Application instructions

The application in English must contain:

- A cover letter explaining your interest in the position, including a brief written account of your research program and an explanation of how you intend to carry out your work if offered the position.
- A detailed curriculum vitae.
-  Documentation of qualifications (copy of the PhD diploma/examination certificates, etc.)
-  A copy of a relevant publication, research or working paper published within the last three years.
- Two academic recommendations letters.
- All attachments must be named with reference text “Call Post-Doc Marine Program”

Additional materials might be requested.

Applications should be submitted to Manuela Fonseca m-fonsec@uniandes.edu.co

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