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Fecha: 09 de Mayo de 2013 - 10 de Mayo del 2013
Hora: 09:45 - 20:00
Lugar: EAFIT - Medellin - May 9th and 10th 2013.

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1st day (May 9th)

9:45 am – 10:00 am

Welcoming remarks by Daniel Ortega (CAF), Carlos Medina (Banco de la República) and Juan Felipe Mejia (Dean, EAFIT)

10:00 am – 11:00 am

Keynote address
Chair: Juan Felipe Mejia (EAFIT)
Keynote speaker: Sergio Fajardo (Governor of the State of Antioquia)

11:00 am – 11:15 am

Coffee break

11:15 am – 1:30 pm

1st contributed session (3 papers) – Consequences of Crime, Fighting and Conflict
Chair: Rodrigo Soares (PUC-Rio)

“Homicide and Work: The Impact of Mexico’s Drug War on Labor Market Participation” Sarah Pearlman (Vassar College) andAriel BenYishay (University of New South Wales). Comments by Catalina Gomez (EAFIT)

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“Illegal Drugs Traffic and Violence in Colombia,” Jaime Millan (University College London). Comments by Daniel Mejía (UniAndes)

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“Agricultural Production amidst Conflict: The Effects of Shocks, Uncertainty and Governance of Non-State Armed Actors" María Alejandra Arias (UniAndes), Ana María Ibáñez (UniAndes) and Andrés Zambrano (UniAndes). Comments by Juan Fernando Vargas (Universidad del Rosario)

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1:30 pm – 2:30 pm


2:30 pm – 4:45 pm

2nd contributed session (3 papers). Deterrence Mechanisms and Recidivism
Chair: Daniel Mejia (UniAndes)

“Crime is Terribly Revealing: An Evaluation of Predictive Policing,” Giovanni Mastrobuoni (Collegio Carlo Alberto). Comments by Ana Corbacho (Inter-American Development Bank).

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“First-Day Criminal Recidivism,” Ignacio Munyo (Ceres and Universidad de San Andres), Martín Rossi (Universidad de San Andres). Comments by Fabio Sanchez (UniAndes).

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“Early Release from Prison on Electronic Monitoring and Recidivism: A Tale of Two Discontinuities” Olivier Marie (Maastricht University). Comments by Carlos Medina (Banco de la República)

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7:30 pm


2nd day (May 10th)

10:15 am – 12:30 pm

3rd contributed session (3 papers). Corruption and non-Violent Criminal Behavior
Chair: Fabiana Machado (Inter-American Development Bank)

“Income Shocks and Crime: Evidence from the Break Down of Ponzi Schemes in Colombia” Juan Vargas (Universidad del Rosario), Darwin Cortés(Universidad del Rosario), and Julieth Santamaría (BID). Comments by Rodrigo Soares (PUC-Rio)

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“Mind the Gap: Bridging Perception and Reality with Crime Information” Ana Corbacho (BID), Martin Ardanaz (BID) Pablo Ibarrarán (BID) and Mauricio Ruiz-Vega (BID). Comments by Gustavo Canavire (EAFIT)

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“Fighting Crime with a Little Help from my Friends. Party Affiliation, Inter-jurisdictional Cooperation and Crime in Mexico,” Ruben Durante (Sciences Pos) and Emilio Gutierrez (ITAM-CIE). Comments by Fabiana Machado (BID)

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12:30 pm – 1:45 pm


1:45 pm – 4:00 pm

4th contributed session (3 papers). Miscellaneous
Chair: Gustavo Canavire (EAFIT)

“Living on the Edge: Youth Entry, Career and Exit in Drug-Selling Gangs” Leandro Carvalho (Rand) Rodrigo Soares (PUC-Rio). Comment by Sarah Pearlman (Vassar College).

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“Violent Corruption and Violent Lobbying: Logics of Cartel-State Conflict in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia,” Benjamin Lessing (Stanford University). Comment by Andres Zambrano (UniAndes).

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“Crime and the Depenalization of Cannabis Possession: Evidence from a Policing Experiment” Brendon McConnel (UCL) Jérome Adda (European University) Imran Rasul.Comments by Daniel Ortega (CAF)

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4:00 pm- 4:15 pm

Coffee break

4:15 pm – 5:15 pm

Keynote Lecture
Chair: Daniel Ortega (CAF)
Keynote speaker: Heather Strang (Cambridge University)

7:45 pm

Bus leaves HOTEL to Dinner