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ISSDP 2013 Conference

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Universidad de los Andes
Fecha: De 15 de Mayo de 2013 hasta 18 de Mayo de 2013
Hora: De 8:00 am hasta 5:00 pm


9:00 9:30


9:30 10:00

OPENING CEREMONY (Pablo Navas, Ruth Stella Correa, Alison Ritter and Daniel Mejia)
Conference Room ML - B

10:00 11:00

"Flows and Harms: Toward Harm-Minimizing Drug Control Strategies"
Mark Kleiman (UCLA)
Conference Room ML - B

11:00 11:15

Coffee Break

11:15 12:30


1.1: Drug markets and violence in producer and transit countries
Room: ML-511

1.2: The impact of prohibition on Central America and Mexico
Room: ML-513

1.3: Drug policy research and advocacy
Room: ML-604

Chair: Mark Kleiman
Discussant: Ben Lessing

Chair: Catalina Pérez-Correa
Discussant: Julieta Lemaitre

Chair: David Holiday
Discussant: Alex Stevens

Can enforcement raise drug prices?
Peter Reuter

What Can Central America Do Differently in Drug Policy?
Juan Carlos Hidalgo

Making research add value
Nicola Singleton

logo pdfPaper | 169,12 kB

Illegal drug markets and violence in Mexico: The causes beyond Calderon
Daniel Mejía

logo pdfPaper | 1,07 MB

The Crumbling Edifice of Prohibition
Amanda Feilding

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We don’t need more evidence: Policy advocacy for making naloxone available for peer administration to prevent opioid overdose deaths in Australia.
Simon Lenton

The endogeneous dynamics of crime structure: Heracles’lessons on how to fight the Hydra
Andres Zambrano

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12:30 1:45

Lunch: Santo Domingo Building- 10th floor

1:45 3:00


2.1: Supply reduction policies in producer countries
Room: ML-511

2.2: State, National and International Impacts of Mandatory Sobriety Programs for Substance-Involved Criminal Offenders
Room: ML-513

2.3: Surveys and the effects of drug policy changes
Room: ML-604

Chair: Daniel Rico
Discussant: Jaime Millan-Quijano

Chair: Juan Carlos Hidalgo
Discussant: Alison Ritter

Chair: Caitlin Hughes
Discussant: Eduardo Vergara

The effectiveness of crop targeting interventions for drug control
Angela Higginson

logo pdfPaper | 662,02 kB

Efficacy of Frequent Monitoring With Swift, Certain, and Modest Sanctions for Violations: Insights From South Dakota's 24/7 Sobriety Project
Beau Kilmer

logo pdfPaper | 572,45 kB

The potential effects of policy changes on drug markets in the UK and Australia: estimates from a survey of drug users
Alex Stevens

logo pdfPaper | 1,02 MB

How are Anti-drug Programs Affecting Producers? Evidence from coca leaf production in Colombia
Sandra Rozo

logo pdfPaper | 533,25 kB

The International Diffusion of a Drug Policy Innovation: 24/7 Sobriety comes to the U.K.
Keith Humphreys

logo pdfPaper | 204,26 kB

Anti-drug policies and public opinion in six Latin American cities
Miguel García

logo pdfPaper | 359,92 kB

Coca and local knowledge: three case studies of low-intensity cultivation
Sebastián Rubiano

logo pdfPaper | 2,33 MB

Treatment mandates vs. desistance mandates in the management of drug-involved offenders
Mark Kleiman

logo pdfPaper | 371,67 kB

First Survey on Illegal Drug Users in Mexico City
Jorge Hernández Tinajero

logo pdfPaper | 541,28 kB

3:00 3:20

Coffee Break

3:20 5:00


3.1: Supply reduction policies in producer countries
Room: ML-511

3.2: Drug markets in consumer countries
Room: ML-604

3.3: Drugs and Human Rights
Room: ML-513

Chair: Adriana Camacho
Discussant: Miguel Garcia

Chair: Keith Humphreys
Discussant: Beau Kilmer

Chair: Kasia Malinowska
Discussant: Alejandro Madrazo

Impact analysis of the investments on alternative development, manual eradication and aerial spraying of illicit crops; in the price of the coca leaf, coca paste, coca base and cocaine in Colombia
Daniel Rico

logo pdfPaper | 633,26 kB

Doping in Italy: A Preliminary Attempt to Scope the Market for Doping Products
Victoria A. Greenfield

logo pdfPaper | 612,28 kB
logo pdfPaper2 | 704,52 kB

Similar Problems, Divergent Responses: A Comparative Analysis of Drug Consumption Room Policies in the UK and Germany
Charlie Lloyd

logo pdfPaper | 63,56 kB

The impact of FGB on culture of lawfulness
Juanita Vásquez

logo pdfPaper | 213,51 kB

The new psychoactive substances regime in New Zealand: a different approach to regulation
Chris Wilkins

Revisiting the ‘principle of balance’ from a human rights perspective
Marie Elske C. Gispen

logo pdfPaper | 323,34 kB

Can we fight illegal drugs with communication campaigns? An experimental approach
Marcela Ibañez

logo pdfPaper | 114,17 kB

Estimating cannabis consumption in seven EU countries by differentiating different user groups
MW. Margriet van Laar

logo pdfPaper | 1,01 MB

Drugs and Revolution Policy-making, Ideology and the Margins of Civil Society in Iran
Maziyar Ghiabi

logo pdfPaper | 1,45 MB

The Entry of Colombian Heroin into the US Market: The Relationship between Competition, Price, and Purity
Daniel Rosenblum

logo pdfPaper | 698,15 kB

Key trends of the illicit drugs market in the EU: what do experts anticipate for the coming years?
Franz Trautmann

logo pdfPaper | 139,22 kB

Gay-“friendly” Fire: Collateral Risks in the War on Gay Drug Usage
Dina Perrone

5:00 6:00

"The current drug policy debate in Latin America"
Cesar Gaviria Trujillo (Former President of Colombia, and Latin American Comission on Drugs and Democracy)
Conference Room ML - A

6:00 7:30

Conference reception - Universidad de los Andes
Mario Laserna Building - Calle del saber




9:00 9:30


9:30 11:10


4.1: Marihuana
Room: ML-604

4.2: Drug markets and violence in producer and transit countries
Room: ML-617

4.3: Drug markets in consumer countries
Room: ML-603

Chair: Beau Kilmer
Discussant: Franz Trautmann

Chair: Daniel Mejia
Discussant: Peter Reuter

Chair: Rosalie Pacula
Discussant: Victoria Greenfield

Local Implementation of Medical Marijuana: Lessons for International Policymakers from California
Clinton Saloga

logo pdfPaper | 501,31 kB

Violent Corruption and Violent Lobbying: The Logic(s) of Cartel-State Conflict in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia
Benjamin Lessing

logo pdfPaper | 1,17 MB

Legal thresholds for drug trafficking: Evaluating the risk of unjustified charge of users as traffickers in six Australian states
Caitlin Hughes

The Effects of State Marijuana Policies on Potency
Eric Sevigny

logo pdfPaper | 785,38 kB

Should drug cartels be attacked frontally? Breaking down a peaceful equilibrium
Juan Camilo Castillo

logo pdfPaper | 519,47 kB

Estimation of drug trade from demand side
Jiri Vopravil

logo pdfPaper | 455,45 kB

Cannabis and the UN drug control regime
Martin Jelsma

logo pdfPaper | 311,06 kB

Kleiman´s Dynamic concentration theory: An economic formalization
Santigo Velez

logo pdfPaper | 623,86 kB

Five barriers against internal violence in an atomistic market: Peaceful conflict resolution among large-scale cannabis growers
Eirik Hammersvik

logo pdfPaper | 401,20 kB

Understanding patterns in medical marijuana laws: a latent class and transition analysis
Priscillia Hunt

logo pdfPaper | 246,94 kB

Crime and the Depenalization of Cannabis Possession: Evidence from a Policing Experiment
Brendon McConnell

logo pdfPaper | 1,13 MB

Aging drug-use cohorts in the American correctional system: A biography of three epidemics
Harold Pollack

11:10 11:30

Coffee Break

11:30 12:45


5.1: Supply reduction policies in producer countries
Room :ML-603

5.2: Drug markets and violence in producer and transit countries
Room: ML-604

5.3: Organized crime, judicial systems and drugs
Room: ML-617

Chair: Javier Osorio
Discussant: Sandra Rozo

Chair: Andres Zambrano
Discussant: Alejandro Hope

Chair: Alejandro Madrazo
Discussant: Brendon McConnell

Drug Trafficking, Armed Violence and Early Motherhood in Colombia
Jaime A. Millán Quijano

logo pdfPaper | 695,12 kB

Dynamics of drug violence in Mexico
Javier Osorio

Investigating and Prosecuting Higher Level Drug Traffickers: Canada's Experience with Organized Crime Legislation
Frederick Desroches

logo pdfPaper | 51,93 kB

Illicit Crops and Gold in Colombia: Links and Differences in their Contribution to Conflict and Criminality in Colombia
Angelika Rettberg

Cocaine Supply Chain Relationships in Colombia’s Borderlands and their Impact on Citizen Security: How Does the Narco-broker Come In?
Annette Idler

logo pdfPaper | 438,04 kB

Outwit, outplay, outlast: An examination of how resilience develops in criminal networks.
Rohan Trevascus

logo pdfPaper | 453,56 kB

Effects of aerial spraying campaigns on health outcomes: Evidence for Colombia
Adriana Camacho

logo pdfPaper | 353,71 kB

Criminals or Rebels? A Critique of ‘Drug War’ Counterinsurgency in Colombia
Susan Virginia Norman

logo pdfPaper | 523,61 kB

Security, Drug Traffic, and Satisfaction with the Judiciary in Latin America
Aldo Fernando Ponce

12:45 2:00

Lunch: Santo Domingo Building- 10th floor

2:00 3:40


6.1: Global patterns of domestic cannabis cultivation
Room: ML-603

6.2: Drug consumption and health
Room: ML-604

6.3: Drug markets and violence in prod and transit countries
Room: ML-617

Chair: Clinton Saloga
Discussants: Chris Wilkins

Chair: Daniel Rees
Discussants: Harold Pollack

Chair: Bruce Bagley
Discussants: Angelika Rettberg

Global patterns of domestic cannabis cultivation: a cross-national analysis of sample characteristics and patterns of growing
Tom Decorte

logo pdfPaper | 280,49 kB

Planning for drug treatment services: estimating population need and demand for treatment
Alison Ritter

logo pdfPaper | 309,19 kB

Understanding the Long-Term Effect of the Demobilization and Extradition of Narco-Paramilitaries on Violence in Colombia
Gipsy Escobar

logo pdfPaper | 1,81 MB

Growing medicine: Small-scale cannabis cultivation for medical purposes in six different countries
Pekka Hakkarainen

logo pdfPaper | 234,74 kB

‘Illnesses they deserve’. Problems surrounding the interactions between substance using patients and care staff in a general hospital setting, and possible policy solutions
Aniela Wenham

logo pdfPaper | 457,28 kB

Moving Frontiers: Spatial Dynamics of Drug Violence in the Americas
Jean Daudelin

logo pdfPaper | 414,48 kB

Career transitions of domestic cannabis growers
Aili Malm

Drug Addiction Policies and Practices: Access to Health Services in Indonesia
Eunike Sri Tyas Suci

logo pdfPaper | 615,20 kB

Multiple violences and drug policy
Reflecting upon the case of Guatemala
Corina Giacomello

logo pdfPaper | 147,00 kB

Assessing the Harms of Cannabis Production in Belgium
Letizia Paoli

logo pdfPaper | 510,02 kB

Rethinking Drug-Attributable Crime Beyond DAFs: Toward a New Conceptual Framework and a Dashboard Approach
Russell Lundberg

logo pdfPaper | 628,32 kB

3:40 4:00

Coffee Break

4:00 5:00

Chair: Alison Ritter
"New Psychoactive Substances, Differentiated Demand and the Reinvigoration of Control: Or why the prohibitionists still think they are winning the 'war on drugs"
Fiona Measham (Durham University)
Conference Room ML - A

5:00 5:45

Annual General Meeting of the ISSDP
Room: ML - A

7:00 10:00

Conference dinner : Restaurante Club Colombia (Colombian restaurant)




9:30 10:00


10:00 11:15


7.1: Disproportionate systems: analyzing Latin American drug laws by the criteria of the principle of proportionality
Room: ML-604

7.2: Marijuana Policy: What do We Know About Public Health Implications from Decriminalization and Medical Marijuana?
Room: ML-617

7.3: Constitutional, human rights and humanitarian perspectives on "The War on Drugs" in Colombia and Mexico
Room: ML-603

7.4: Is it an endless war? Drug-trafficking and security policies in the Americas
Room: ML-513

Chair: Ricardo Soberón
Discussant: Coletta Youngers

Chair: Peter Reuter
Discussant: Eric Sevigny

Chair: Aram Barra
Discussant: Corina Giacomello

Chair: John Walsh
Discussant: Arlene Tickner

The punitive addcition: The disproportion of drug laws in Latin America
Rodrigo Uprimny

logo pdfPaper | 1,02 MB

Medical Marijuana Laws, Traffic Fatalities, and Alcohol Consumption
Daniel I Rees D.

logo pdfPaper | 194,38 kB

The Constitutional Costs of the War on Drugs
Alejandro Madrazo

logo pdfPaper | 133,69 kB

Organized Crime, Drug Trafficking, and Democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean: Major Trends in the 21st Century
Bruce Bagley

logo pdfPaper | 573,97 kB

Proportionality and drug crimes in México
Catalina Pérez Corea

logo pdfPaper | 443,39 kB

Medical Marijuana Laws and Teen Marijuana Use
Mark Anderson

logo pdfPaper | 326,29 kB

Human Rights Violations in Felipe Calderon´s “War” Against Drug Trafficking
Alejandro Anaya Muñoz

logo pdfPaper | 721,25 kB

Beyond the Plan Colombia, new treats, and new challenges for a new Colombia in the international system
Erika Rodríguez

logo pdfPaper | 258,94 kB

(Dis)proportionality of drug law: the normative, human and economic costs of the criminalization of (some) drugs in Brazil
Luciana Boiteux

logo pdfPaper | 189,99 kB

Another Look at the Impact of Medical Marijuana Policies on Marijuana and Alcohol Use: Are All Laws the Same?
Rosalie Liccardo Pacula

logo pdfPaper | 535,50 kB

The War on Drugs As Humanitarian Crisis: Examining the Latin American Experience
Julieta Lemaitre

logo pdfPaper | 139,88 kB



11:15 11:30

Coffee Break

11:30 12:30

Chair: Daniel Mejia
"Institutional Capacities and Criminal Economies: The missing link in the discussion on drug violence in Latin America"
Oscar Naranjo (TEC de Monterrey and Former Director of the Colombian National Police)
Conference Room ML - A

12:30 12:45

Closing ceremony
Conference Room ML - A

12:45 2:00

Lunch: Santo Domingo Building- 10th floor

2:00 5:00

Post-conference workshop
Expert Panel on Academia and Advocacy:
Building Better Links between Research and Action
Room: ML-617

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Lugar: Universidad de los Andes