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Seminario internacional

  • seminario internacional, international team of economists, Chile
    seminario internacional, international team of economists, Chile
Universidad de los Andes
Fecha: 14 de Septiembre de 2012
Hora: De 12:30 pm hasta 1:45 pm

Viernes 14 de septiembre a las 12:30 pm. en el AU-103

Emissions trading in Latin America: thoughts from a Chilean Context

Conferencista: Suzi Kerr, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, New Zealand

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An international team of economists, lawyers and engineers from Chile, the UK, the US and led by New Zealand has recently explored design issues for an emissions trading system in Chile. The key differences from the context for previous ETSs arise from a combination of: being an emerging economy (rapid growth, high levels of inequality and low levels of climate change awareness); a different international environment (unclear what the ‘international market’ will mean); and being a small, open economy. Chile cannot think of ETS as a new ‘cap and trade’ system but must actively balance price and quantity; choices about linking, ambition, phasing and allocation are all affected by this balance and are interlinked. A prototype system and a sequential process for next steps has been defined to provide a road map to navigate through a complex set of issues. Are there insights for Colombia?

Lugar: AU-103