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Seminario CEDE - Sandra Rozo

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Universidad de los Andes
Fecha: 08 de Octubre de 2021
Hora: 11:00 am

What are the impacts of regularization on migrant’s lives? This study examines the effects of the PEP visa, an opportunity for regularization for half a million Venezuelan refugees in Colombia. We collect a survey of 3,455 migrant families and leverage four identification strategies to assess the effects of the program in migrant’s life outcomes. Causal effects are estimated using a fuzzy regression discontinuity design that compares the wellbeing of migrants who arrived to Colombia close to June 8th, 2018 (eligible for the program) and those who arrived later (not eligible). The results indicate that migrants with a PEP visa have 18% and 24.5% higher consumption and income per capita relative to the other migrants. Migrants with a PEP visa also have more access to safety nets and financial services, better labor conditions, less food insecurity, are more integrated to the Colombian society, and showed more resilience to the COVID-19 crisis. The program had negligible effects on migrant’s labor formalization.

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Lugar: Zoom