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  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-30

    Increasing Access to Agricultural Credit: The Heterogeneous Effects of Collective Action

    Benson, Allison; Faguet, Jean-Paul; López-Uribe, Maria del...

  • School reorganization reforms: the case of multi-site schools in Colombia

    Fabio Sánchez, Gregory M. Elacqua & Humberto A. Santos
    School Effectiveness and School Improvement, 29 Jul 2020.

  • CEDE Gazette # 6

    Covid-19 Edition


  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-25

    The Weak State Trap

    Fergusson, Leopoldo; Molina, Carlos A.; Robinson, James A.

  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-23

    Media, Secret Ballot and Democratization in the US

    Fergusson, Leopoldo; Riaño, Juan Felipe; Song, B.K.

  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-21

    Happily Ever after? Domestic Violence in Periods of Scarcity

    Camacho, Adriana; Rodríguez, Catherine

  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-20

    CSI in the tropics Experimental evidence of improved public service delivery through coordination.

    Collazos, Daniela; Fergusson, Leopoldo; La Rota,...

  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-19

    EMEs and COVID-19 Shutting Down in a World of Informal and Tiny Firms

    Alfaro, Laura; Becerra, Oscar; Eslava, Marcela

  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-16

    Political Competition and State Capacity Evidence from a Land Allocation Program in Mexico

    Fergusson, Leopoldo; Larreguy, Horacio; Riaño, Juan Felipe...

  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-15

    The perils of misusing remote sensing data. The case of forest cover

    Fergusson, Leopoldo; Saavedra, Santiago; Vargas, Juan F.

  • Soccer, World War II and coronavirus: a comparative analysis of how the sport shut down

    Jorge Tovar.
    14 Apr 2020

  • Is collective titling enough to protect forests? Evidence from Afro-descendant communities in the Colombian Pacific region

    María Alejandra Vélez, Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Juan Robalino, Andrea Paz, Eduardo Pacay.
    Volume 128, April 2020