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  • CEDE Working Paper 2022-02

    Learning to learn: Experimentation, entrepreneurial capital, and development

    Maloney, William Francis; Zambrano, Andrés

  • CEDE Working Paper 2022-01

    Colombia: Democratic but violent?

    Fergusson, Leopoldo; Vargas, Juan Fernando

  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-58

    Guns, pets, and strikes: an experiment on identity and political action

    Ginzburg, Boris; Guerra, José-Alberto

  • When voters like to be right: An analysis of the Condorcet Jury Theorem with mixed motives

    Rune Midjord, Tomás Rodríguez Barraquer, Justin Valasek
    Journal of Economic Theory,
    December 2021

  • Have behavioral sciences delivered on their promise to influence environmental policy and conservation practice?

    Maria Alejandra Vélez, Lina Moros

    Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences,
    Volume 43, December 2021


  • Understanding Diversity (or the lack thereof) in the Economics Profession in Latin America

    Erich Pínzón-Fuchs, Jimena Hurtado
    Cuadernos de Economia,
    November 2021

  • Concentration of the Mobile Telecommunications Markets and Countries' Competitiveness

    David Bardey, Danilo Aristizábal, Bibiana Sáenz y José Santiago Gómez
    Telecommunications Policy,
    November 2021

  • Physicians' incentives to adopt personalised medicine: an experimental approach

    David Bardey, Samuel Kembou Nzaleb and Bruno Ventelou
    Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization,
    November 2021

  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-57

    Exogenous shocks, credit reports and access to credit: Evidence from colombian coffee producers

    de Roux, Nicolás

  • The Weak State Trap

    Leopoldo Fergusson, Carlos A. Molina ,James A. Robinson
    12 November 2021

  • Leaders’ distributional & efficiency effects in collective responses to policy: Lab-in-field experiments with small-scale gold miners in Colombia

    Luz A. Rodriguez, María Alejandra Vélez, Alexander Pfaff

    World Development, 
    Volume 147, November 2021


  • Campaign Finance and Welfare When Contributions Are Spent on Mobilizing Voters

    Oskar Nupia and Francisco Eslava
    Social Choice and Welfare,
    October 2021