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  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-18

    SARS-CoV-2 spread, detection, and dynamics in a megacity in Latin America

    Laajaj, Rachid; De Los Rios, Camilo; Sarmiento-Barbieri, Ignacio; Aristizabal...

  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-14

    Employment Differentiation, Minimum Wages and Firm Exit

    Vallejo, Hernán

  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-13

    Oligopsony and Minimum Wages

    Vallejo, Hernán

  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-11

    Not all Giffen Goods, are Inferior Goods

    Vallejo, Hernán

  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-10

    Humility's challenge: The political value of disperse individual Experience in F. A. Hayek's Thought

    Zarama-Rojas, Daniel Fernando

  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-09

    Price cap regulation in the Colombian pharmaceutical market: An impact evaluation

    Bardey, David; Harker, Arturo; Zuluaga, Daniela

  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-08

    Effects of Venezuelan migration on Colombian price level

    Daly, Julio César

  • Perceptions of the appropriate response to norm violation in 57 societies

    Juan Camilo Cárdenas et al.

    Nature Communications volume 12, Article number: 1481 (2021)

  • Can we stay one step ahead of cheaters? A field experiment in proctoring online open book exams

    Jose J. Vazquez, Eric P.Chiang, Ignacio Sarmiento-Barbieri
    Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics,
    February 2021

  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-06

    Valuing personal safety and the gender earnings gap

    Becerra, Oscar; Guerra, José-Alberto

  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-05

    Deposit Insurance and Depositor Behavior: Evidence from Colombia

    De Roux, Nicolás; Limodio, Nicola

  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-04

    Coronavirus and Social Distancing: Do Non-Pharmaceutical-Interventions Work (at least) in the Short Run?

    Bardey, David; Fernández, Manuel; Gravel,...