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  • CEDE Working Paper 2024-12

    The Causal Effects of Expected Depreciations

    Delgado, Martha Elena; Herreño, Juan; Hofstetter Gascón, Marc; Pedemonte, Mathieu

  • CEDE Working Paper 2024-11

    Bourbon Reforms and State Capacity in the Spanish Empire

    Chiovelli, Giorgio; Fergusson, Leopoldo; Martínez, Luis R.; Torres, Juan David; Valencia...

  • CEDE Working Paper 2024-10

    Encomienda, the Colonial State, and Long-Run Development in Colombia

    Faguet, Jean-Paul; Matajira Gaitán, Camilo Andrés; Sánchez Torres, Fabio

  • CEDE Working Paper 2024-09

    Beheading a Hydra: Kingpin Extradition, Homicides, Education Outcomes, and the End of Medellin’s Pax Mafiosa

    Haugan, Gregory L.; Santos Villagrán,...

  • CEDE Working Paper 2024-08

    Global Labor Market Power

    Amodio, Francesco; Brancati, Emanuele; Brummund, Peter; Roux Uribe, Nicolás de; Di Maio, Michele

  • CEDE Working Paper 2024-07

    Environmental Justice Beyond Race: Skin Tone and Exposure to Air Pollution

    Aguilar-Gómez, Sandra; Salas Díaz, Ricardo José; Cárdenas Campo, Juan Camilo...

  • CEDE Working Paper 2024-06

    The Health Technology Assessment Approach of The Economic Value of Diagnostic Test: A Literature Review

    De Donder, Philippe; Zaporozhets, Vera; Bardey,...

  • CEDE Working Paper 2024-05

    The Interaction of Economic and Political Inequality in Latin America

    Fergusson, Leopoldo; Robinson, James Arthur; Torres, Santiago

  • CEDE Working Paper 2024-03

    Economic Incentives to Develop and to Use Diagnostic Tests a Literature Review

    Bardey, David; Donder, Philippe de; Zaporozhets, Vera

  • CEDE Working Paper 2024-01

    From the Pandemic to the Pitch. Unraveling COVID-19's effect on workers' performance

    Galindo, Arturo José; Tovar, Jorge

  • CEDE Working Paper 2023-40

    Hysteresis From Monetary Policy Mistakes: How Bad Could It Be?

    Dávila-Ospina, Andrés O.

  • The evolution and persistence of women's roles: Evidence from the Gold Rush

    Sandra Aguilar, Anja Benshaul.
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, November 2023