Journal-of-public-economics-june2022Journal of Public Economics
Do college students benefit from placement into higher-achieving classes?
Nicolás de Roux & Evan Riehl
June 2022
Preventive-Medicine-ReportsPreventive Medicine Reports
Prediction of SARS-CoV-2 infection with a Symptoms-Based model to aid public health decision making in Latin America and other low and middle income settings
Andrea Ramírez Varela, Sergio Moreno Lopez, Sandra Contreras-Arrieta, Guillermo Tamayo-Cabeza, Silvia Restrepo-Restrepo, Ignacio Sarmiento-Barbieri, Yuldor Caballero-Díaz, Luis Jorge Hernandez-Florez, John Mario Gonzalez, Leonardo Salas-Zapata, Rachid Laajaj, Giancarlo Buitrago-Gutierrez, Fernando de la Hoz-Restrepo, Martha Vives Florez, Elkin Osorio Diana, Sofía Ríos-Oliveros, Eduardo Behrentz
June 2022
Nature-Scientific-ReportsScientific Reports
Understanding how socioeconomic inequalities drive inequalities in COVID-19 infections
Rachid Laajaj, Duncan Webb, Danilo Aristizabal, Eduardo Behrentz, Raquel Bernal, Giancarlo Buitrago, Zulma Cucunubá, Fernando de la Hoz, Alejandro Gaviria, Luis Jorge Hernández, Camilo De Los Rios, Andrea Ramírez Varela, Silvia Restrepo, Norbert Schady & Martha Vives
May 2022
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