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Project Syndicate

Colombia Has an Alternative to the Drug War

María Alejandra Vélez


Financial aid for college students and social mobility

Fabio Sánchez

Nation World

A consultation table was set up and discussion began to define the increase

Interview with Hernando Zuleta


“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Positives in Colombia’s Cannabis Debate

María Alejandra Vélez

Nation World

The Dollar in Colombia gained more than $100 and was placed above $4,650

Interview with Hernando Zuleta


Scholarships increase social mobility: Evidence from Colombia

Rachid Laajaj, Andrés Moya and Fabio Sánchez

Latin America Advisor

Does Colombia Need to Overhaul its National Police?

Hernando Zuleta

Financial Times

Cocaine: Colombia weighs a new aerial war on drugs

María Alejandra Vélez


He seeks solutions to Colombias air pollution problems

Jorge Alexander Bonilla

Global Investigative Journalism Network

Editor’s Pick: 2020’s Best Investigative Stories from Latin America

María Alejandra Vélez

Harvard blogs

Healing the wounds of war and displacement to ensure the future for Colombia's next generations

Jorge Cuartas & Andrés...

Americas Quartely

Four Steps to Making Guaranteed Income a Reality in Latin America

Marcela Eslava, Andrés Álvarez and Andrés Zambrano