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  • The Rise and Persistence of Illegal Crops: Evidence from a Naive Policy Announcement

    Mounu Prem, Juan F. Vargas, Daniel Mejía.
    The Review of Economics and Statistics, March 2023

  • CEDE Working Paper 2023-08

    Adam Smith, Value and the Taste of Beauty

    Hurtado Prieto, Jimena

  • CEDE Working Paper 2023-07

    Bernard Mandeville: Wealth beyond Vice and Virtue

    Hurtado Prieto, Jimena

  • CEDE Working Paper 2023-05

    Believing, belonging and understanding: religion and philosophy as narratives and practice in Adam Smith

    Hurtado Prieto, Jimena

  • The Size and Life-cycle Growth of Plants: The Role of Productivity, Demand and Wedges

    Marcela Eslava, John Haltiwanger & Nicolas Urdaneta
    The Review of Economic Studies, February 2023

  • Temporary PES do not crowd-out and may crowd-in lab-in-the-field forest conservation in Colombia

    Lina Moros, María Alejandra Vélez, Daniela Quintero, Danny Tobin, Alexander Pfaff.
    Ecological Economics, February 2023

  • CEDE Working Paper 2023-02

    Agent failures: A theory of internalities

    Vallejo, Hernán

  • Quantifying COVID-19’s silver lining: Avoided deaths from air quality improvements in Bogotá

    Allen Blackman, Jorge A. Bonilla & Laura Villalobos.
    Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, January 2023

  • Response diversity as a sustainability strategy

    Brian Walker, Anne-Sophie Crépin, Magnus Nyström, John M. Anderies, Erik Andersson, Thomas Elmqvist, Cibele Queiroz, Scott Barrett, , Elena Bennett, Juan Camilo...

  • Deposit Insurance and Depositor Behavior: Evidence from Colombia

    Nicolás de Roux, Nicola Limodio.
    The Review of Financial Studies. December 2022.

  • Implementation of graduation programs for alleviating rural poverty: an impact analysis in Paraguay

    Jorge H. Maldonado, John Gomez-Mahecha, Viviana León-Jurado,Laura Villa & Daniel A. Rodríguez.
    Journal of Development Effectiveness, December 2022...

  • CEDE Working Paper 2022-45

    Buying off the revolution: Evidence from the colombian national peasant movement, 1957-1985

    López Uribe, María del Pilar