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  • The deterrent effect of surveillance cameras on crime

    Santiago Gómez, Daniel Mejía, Santiago Tobón

    Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, January 2021


  • CEDE Working Paper 2021-02

    Estimating Production Functions in Differentiated-Product Industries with Quantity Information and External Instruments

    De Roux, Nicolás; Eslava,...

  • Cooperation in the face of thresholds, risk, and uncertainty: Experimental evidence in fisher communities from Colombia

    Juan C. Rocha, Caroline Schill, Lina M. Saavedra-Díaz, Rocío del Pilar Moreno, Jorge Higinio Maldonado
    PLoS ONE,
    December 28, 2020

  • Health Care Insurance Payment Policy when the Provider and Patient May Collude

    Yaping Wu, David Bardey, Yijuan Chen, and Sanxi Li
    Health Economics,
    December 2020

  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-48

    Train to Opportunity: the Effect of Infrastructure on Intergenerational Mobility

    Costas-Fernández, Julián; Guerra, José-Alberto; Mohnen Myra

  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-47

    Effects of Ending Payments for Ecosystem Services

    Moros, Lina; Vélez, María Alejandra; Pfaff, Alexander; Quintero, Daniela

  • The perversion of public land distribution by landed elites: Power, inequality and development in Colombia

    Jean-Paul Faguet, Fabio Sánchez, Marta-Juanita Villaveces.
    Volume 136, December 2020

  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-46

    The Fiscal Cost of Conflict: Evidence from La Violencia in Colombia

    Ricciulli Marín, Diana Carolina

  • CEDE Working Paper 2020-45

    The socioeconomic patterns of COVID outside advanced economies: the case of Bogotá

    Eslava, Marcela; Becerra, Oscar; Cárdenas, Juan Camilo; Isaacs,...

  • Subsidies and the African Green Revolution: Direct Effects and Social Network Spillovers of Randomized Input Subsidies in Mozambique

    Michael Carter, Rachid Laajaj & Dean Yang

  • CEDE Gazette # 8

    Working Papers Edition


  • Optimal capital requirements with noisy signals on banking risk

    Kai Ding, Enoch Hill & David Perez-Reyna.