The-review-of-economic-studies-20233The Review of Economic Studies
The Size and Life-cycle Growth of Plants: The Role of Productivity, Demand and Wedges
Marcela Eslava, John Haltiwanger & Nicolas Urdaneta
February 2023
Ecological-EconomicsEcological Economics
Temporary PES do not crowd-out and may crowd-in lab-in-the-field forest conservation in Colombia
Lina Moros, María Alejandra Vélez, Daniela Quintero, Danny Tobin, Alexander Pfaff
February 2023
Nature-Sustainability-january2023Nature Sustainability
Response diversity as a sustainability strategy
Brian Walker, Anne-Sophie Crépin, Magnus Nyström, John M. Anderies, Erik Andersson, Thomas Elmqvist, Cibele Queiroz, Scott Barrett, Elena Bennett, Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Stephen R. Carpenter, F. Stuart Chapin III, Aart de Zeeuw, Joern Fischer, Carl Folke , Simon Levin, Karine Nyborg, Stephen Polasky, Kathleen Segerson, Karen C. Seto, Marten Scheffer, Jason F. Shogren, Alessandro Tavoni, Jeroen van den Bergh, Elke U. Weber & Jeffrey R. Vincent
January 2023
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