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The Economics of Health Behaviors

The Economics of Health Behaviors interno
The Economics of Risky Health Behaviors interno.2.fw

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Binge drinking, illicit drug use, physical inactivity, poor dietary habits, smoking and unprotected sex are responsible for hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths and impose billions of dollars in medical care costs every year. This course teaches an economic approach to studying these risky health behaviors and the policies that affect them.  Special attention will be paid to analyzing the effects of excise taxes (e.g., taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, and soft drinks) and to understanding the quasi-experimental approach to doing applied research in economics.  There is no textbook for this course.  Instead, students will be expected to read and interpret original research in the economics, public health, and medical literatures. 

Prerrequisitos: .Econometría 2.

Horas: 30.
Sesiones: 10

No hay clases los sábados y el 21 de julio.

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