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The Economics of Cities

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The Economics of Cities interno.2.fw
The Economics of Cities interno.3.fw

This course will provide a broad introduction to contemporary urban economics, spanning a wide range of topics including agglomeration and the benefits from cities, the various “demons of density” including housing scarcity and traffic congestion, the exploration of urban structure and land use, the role of amenities, the drivers of the growth of cities, and the interactions within a systems of cities. This course will balance theory and empirics and will seek to integrate them. The course will part particular attention to cities in developing countries, including Colombia.

Prerrequisitos:  Microeconomía 3, Econometría 2. Ideal haber cursado alguna Microeconomía Avanzada y Econometría Avanzada.

Horas: 30.
Sesiones: 10

No hay clases los sábados y tampoco el 28 y 29 de junio.

20 al 27 de junio. Remi Jedwab.
30 de junio al 7 de julio. Gilles Duranton

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