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The Department of Economics at Universidad de Los Andes invites applications for tenure-track positions at the rank of Assistant Professor beginning in the Fall term of 2022. Exceptional senior applicants will also be considered. Candidates must show promise of outstanding scholarly achievement and have earned a Ph.D. degree by the appointment start date or shortly thereafter. Applicants working in any field of Economics are welcome.

Bogota has become a leading pole of research in Economics, with strong international links and a lively academic environment. The Economics Department at Universidad de los Andes ranks among the best in Latin America and is considered the best in Colombia.

New professors will find a work environment with a competitive salary, a generous yearly research stipend for the first three years, course-load reduction in their first year, and monetary bonuses for academic publications. Proficiency in Spanish is not required. Teaching in English is welcome.

Please submit via JOE: a cover letter explaining your interest in the position, a resume, at least one research paper, your teaching statement, and three letters of recommendation. The submission deadline is November 25th, 2021. We will interview virtually right before the 2022 ASSA Meetings.

About our department

Our department is the best in Colombia and among the best in Latin America. QS consistently places both Los Andes as a whole and our department 1st in Colombia and among the top 6 in the region; similarly, we are the 1st economics department in Colombia and among the top 3 in the region in the Tilburg ranking based on publications; and we are the 1st academic department in Repec rankings in Colombia and 5th in Latin America. We are thus proud to be very well recognized in Latin America and worldwide. More importantly, our recent achievements are just a sign of a consistent trend that will continue in the coming years.

Our hiring strategy is crucial for this. Our department is growing strong, attracting candidates from the top schools around the world. Consequently, the quality of our faculty is of exceptionally high quality in every area of research and teaching. For a list of our faculty members, please check our website.

New professors will find a work environment with a competitive salary, a generous yearly research stipend for the first three years, and teaching-load reduction in their first year. Our incentives also include monetary bonuses for publications. Research productivity is absolutely key for advancement in the tenure process, and we strive to provide the best possible conditions for academic progress.

There is also plenty of support when obtaining and administering research grants, building on the ample experience of our department and our research center Cede. For empirically-minded researchers, Cede also owns the first household panel survey in Colombia Elca, with extremely rich data in a variety of topics. We also have a special research center in drugs and security, Cesed.

Our international connections also run deep, with coauthors and international professors constantly visiting for seminars, workshops, and both short-term and long-term stays, on top of our regular international summer school for Masters and PhD students, bringing top scholars every year.

Another strong asset worth mentioning is the outstanding quality of our students. They not only make teaching enjoyable and challenging but are key partners as research assistants in our projects. Many leave every year to the best economics departments in the world to pursue PhDs.

For more information please contact Andres Zambrano.

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