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Juan Camilo Cárdenas
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Rethinking Local Commons Dilemmas: Lessons from Experimental Economics in the Field

Chapter 10. In Jonathan Isham, Thomas Kelly and Sunder Ramaswamy, Editors. "Social Capital and Economic Development: Well-Being in Developing Countries" Edward Elgar Publishing

Real Wealth and Experimental Cooperation: Evidence from Field Experiments

Journal of Development Economics. Vol. 70(2):263-289

An Experiment on Enforcement Strategies for Managing a Local Environmental Resource

Journal of Economic Education

Groups, Commons and Regulations: Experiments with Villagers and Students in Colombia

Forthcoming, "Psychology, Rationality and Economic Behavior: Challenging Standard Assumptions"
edited by Bina Agarwal and Alessandro Vercelli (International Economics Association)

Norms from Outside and from Inside: An Experimental Analysis on the Governance of Local Ecosystems. Forest Policy and Economics, 6 (2004): 229-241

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