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Oskar Nupia
  • Publicaciones

- The Allocation of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: Political Motives and Voting Effects. Journal of Development Perspectives (Forthcoming). 

- Political fragmentation and government spending: Bringing Ideological Polarization into the picture. Joint with Marcela Eslava. Legislative Studies Quarterly, 2017, 42(3), 387-420.

- Voluntary Contribution to Public Goods: Preferences and Wealth. Theoretical Economics Letters, 2016, 6, 432-441. 

- Rent-seeking for public goods: Group’s size and wealth heterogeneity. Economics & Politics, 2013, 25(3).

- Distributive politics, Number of Parties, Ideological Polarization, and Bargaining Power. Journal of Politics, 2013, 75(2).