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Marcela Eslava
ResearchInvestigación en proceso
  • Research

Working papers / Documentos de trabajo

Trade, Quality Upgrading, and Input Linkages: Theory and Evidence from Colombia (with Cecilia Fieler and Daniel Xu, updated June 2017). New!: forthcoming in the American Economic Review

"Public Development Banks and Credit Market Imperfections" (joint with Xavier Freixas). Documento CEDE No. 2016-06. Available at SSRN:

"Untargeted public lending: adding to private credit or substituting it? Evidence from Colombia“ (joint with Alessandro Maffioli, Marcela Meléndez). Mimeo Universidad de Los Andes, 2015. Previously circulated as "Credit constraints and business performance: evidence from public lending in Colombia,” Documentos CEDE 2014-37. 

 “Scarring Recessions and Credit Constraints: Evidence from Colombian Firm Dynamics,”(joint with Arturo Galindo, Marc Hofstetter, and Alejandro Izquierdo), Documento CEDE 2010-27 (Universidad de Los Andes), 2010.

“A Search and Learning Model of Export Dynamics,” (joint with Jonathan Eaton, David Jinkins, C.J. Krizan, y J. Tybout). 2014.

 “Do Modern-Time Wars Make States? Panel Data Evidence,”(joint with Mauricio Cárdenas and Santiago Ramírez). Documento CEDE 2013-58, Universidad de Los Andes, 2013.

 Research in progress / Investigación en proceso

"The drivers of life-cycle plant growth: TFPQ vs. demand and input costs" (joint with John Haltiwanger).

"Using Exchange Rates to Estimate Production Functions" (joint with Eric Verhoogen).

"Who creates jobs: Colombia vs. the U.S., then vs. now" (joint with John Haltiwanger).

"Market reform and the life cycle of businesses in Colombia" (joint with John Hatiwanger).

“Programmatic Targeting” (joint with Allan Drazen). 

"Taxing Where You Should: The Impact on Formal Employment of Moving Taxes from Payroll to
Corporate Income. Evidence from the Colombian 2013 Tax Reform" (joint with Raquel Bernal and Marcela Meléndez).