Center of Economic Development Studies (CEDE)

A research center with the distinguished record of CEDE found in 1958, is one of the basic elements in the quality of student formation, and one which distinguishes as from other economic programs.
This research center has gained great prestige, and is closely integrated into the teaching work of the faculty, since the teaching staff are also CEDE researchers, and this ensures that there is a permanent contact between teaching staff, researchers and external circumstances, a constant updating of their fields of study, and theoretical and practical feedback, which enriches class work.
In addition, the existence of CEDE generates an opportunity for academic discussion on national realities, from different points of view and with different focuses, promoting pluralism and tolerance.
CEDE is currently engaged in the areas of democracy, education and the employment market, natural resources and environment, poverty and income distribution, violence and the economy, regulation, macroeconomics, fiscal policy, urban economics, international trade, agricultural economics, institutional economics and industrial organization

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